Domaine des Baumard

Savennières Trie Spéciale 2010



Domaine des Baumard produces some of the finest examples of Chenin Blanc, and Jean Baumard and now his son, Florent, are universally regarded as the finest winemakers in the appellation. Their wines are among the most unique and rewarding in the world.

Baumard’s Savennières Trie Spéciale bottling is in many ways the apotheosis of the appellation, and is produced only in great years (’89, ’90, ’95, ’97, ’00, ’10, ’14 to date). Exceptionally ripe bunches are hand-harvested in successive passes (‘tries’) through the estate vineyard, resulting in a concentrated wine of enormous structure and intensity, requiring many years to unwind into a lanolin-textured wine with flavors of stone fruits, spices, and minerals, and great length. One of France’s greatest white wines.


Selected from 10 acres of the oldest estate vines within the south-facing Clos St. Yves vineyard located on the northern bank of the Loire. Here the soils are varied, with schist, sandstone, and loose sand over rhyolite. The yields here are even well below the AOC average, as the old vines here produce between 1-1.5 tons per acre.


The grapes are whole-cluster pressed, with each press-fraction isolated and fermented separately. Each fraction is fermented in stainless steel at cool temperatures. The wine is aged for 9 months in stainless steel on the fine lees before the acceptable parcels are blended and bottled.



Grape Varieties

Chenin Blanc




Sustainable. Refrains from using herbicides. Grasses over alternate vineyard rows.



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Wine & Spirits - May 29, 2019 “Selected over the course of a series of passes through Baumard’s 10-acre vineyard in Savennières, aged for nine months in stainless steel on the fine lees, this is a wine that keeps getting better each time you pass it by your nose and take a luscious sip. Immediately, it buzzes with quince flavor, delicate to the touch, expansive and bold as the fruit crests in a wave over sandstone and schist. What may seem at first merely delicious becomes numinous as it engages with oxygen, capturing the grandeur of the Loire more often appreciated in the châteaux and ancient cathedrals than in a young chenin blanc. Cellar this for ten years for a grand tour of Savennières.”

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Other Wines by this Producer

Le Logis


Baumard’s Anjou Rouge Le Logis (named after the family home – Logis de la Giraudière) is a wine of immediate pleasure. Produced predominantly from Cabernet Franc, the wine exhibits that grape’s quintessential aromas of blackberries and graphite, with supple flavors of savory herbs and brambleberries.

Crémant Carte Turquoise Brut

Crémant de Loire

First produced in 1957, Baumard’s Crémant Carte Turquoise is a beautiful, hand-crafted
example of this appellation, which now covers both the Anjou and Touraine AOCs.

Quarts de Chaume

Quarts de Chaume

The dramatically beautiful Quarts de Chaume appellation produces some of the great sweet wines of the world, Baumard’s chiefly among them. Truly the “Grand Cru” site of the Loire Valley.

Savennières Clos du Papillon


If Savennières produces some of the most compelling dry white wines in the world, the Clos du Papillon plot within Savennières , so named for its butterfly shape, concentrates and magnifies all the characteristics of this small, distinct appellation. Baumard is the largest owner of this vineyard, with the best holdings, and the wines display a captivating combination of ripe orchard fruit, floral, and mineral notes, within a structure able to age decades.



Domaine des Baumard produces some of the finest examples of Savennières, and Jean Baumard and now his son, Florent, are universally regarded as the finest winemakers in the appellation. Their wines are among the most unique and rewarding in the world: dry whites of intense concentration, perfume, and longevity.