Quinta do Noval

Tawny 40 Year Old Port

Douro Valley, Portugal


Noval was the first port house to introduce blended tawnies with an indication of average age. Their eldest offering, the Noval Tawny 40 Year Old Port, is a remarkable representation of the quintessence of the Noval Tawny style: a profoundly concentrated and complex old wine, the memory of the house.

A few important points to make up front that set Noval apart: the wine is 100% estate, and 100% trodden by foot. There are other critical points to making the Noval 20 Year Old so exceptional, but the fact the fruit is of the highest possible quality and handled so gently is at the very core.



Sourced entirely from estate-frown grapes, using the Noval vineyard-based approach that is a rarity in the region. The astonishing terraced vineyards of Noval, perched above the Douro and Pinhao rivers, are an infertile schist, and not soil as much as sheer rock. Elevation of the vineyards ranges from just above river level to 1,200 feet. Average vine density is approximately 2,000 vines per acre, producing on average 30-35 hectoliters per hectare.


The grapes are all trodden by foot in the lagares at Quinta do Noval, a traditional, costly and rare approach. The wines used for the blends have an average age of 40 years and were aged in old oak barrels of 640 liters.




Douro Valley, Portugal




"Smooth, sensual and impeccably balanced"

Wine Advocate - May 13, 2020 "The NV 40 Year Old Tawny Port was bottled in 2016 with a bar-top cork and 169 grams per liter of residual sugar. The back label talks of "freshness," which seems odd for a 40 Year Old, but Noval delivers all that and more here. The concentrated flavor burst on the lively finish shows touches of molasses and this is far more intense than the other Noval tawnies this issue on all fronts. However, its calling card is not intensity, but its amazingly youthful and fresh demeanor. The lift to the fruit gives this an irresistibly juicy finish, letting all those flavors linger beautifully. It is smooth, sensual and impeccably balanced, never obvious. This is quite fine."

"Terrific stature and visceral intensity"

Decanter - December 29, 2020 "Terrific stature and visceral intensity. Tightly wound acidity, a touch of volatile acidity and Cognac-like spirit drive to the kaleidoscopic palate, unleashing a never-ending panoply of flavors: black cardamom, spicy fruit chutney, salty praline, mocha, dried mango, marmalade and walnut. Ultra-long, well-focused and resonating."

"Invigorating to drink"

Wine Spectator - May 13, 2020 "This is very flattering up front, with a lush wave of warm date, fig and toffee leading the way, backed by subtle bitter almond and Brazil nut notes that add spine and contrast. A flash of green tea pierces the finish, adding a dry hint in turn and bringing you back for more. A wine with power that is also invigorating to drink."

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Charm and accessibility in an authentically Douro style. Named after the emblematic cedar tree that dominates the terrace of Quinta do Noval, Cedro do Noval is an authentic expression of the Douro.

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This wine is a remarkable example of the Noval style. Treated exactly like a Vintage Port with only noble grape varieties that sourced exclusively from estate vineyards, trodden by foot and unfiltered. This expression differs in its extended aging, seeing five years in casks instead of the typical two years for Vintage Ports. Definitely an LBV with a difference, this wine has fine structured tannins, great freshness and purity of fruit. It is delicious to drink today, but will age beautifully in its bottle.

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The legend. A small area at the heart of the Quinta do Noval vineyard planted with ungrafted vines and untouched by phylloxera.

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Tawny 20 Year Old Port

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Noval 20 year old Tawny is a blend of old Ports from different vintages that have matured in oak casks, with an average age of 20 years. Irresistible freshness with all the complexity of age. Harmonious and balanced, fine, elegant and long, with all the aromatic complexity typical of Noval Tawny Ports.