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Bòggina B is a little bit of Burgundy with a Tuscan twist. The wine is made with 100% Trebbiano Toscano. The clone of the Valdarno has been known for its quality since the 1300s, when it was regularly sent to the popes in Rome and the courts of Florence. Petrolo has been using Trebbiano grapes for its sweet vinsanto for decades, but owner Luca Sanjust decided that the time had come for a tribute to the great whites of Valdarno’s past. The wine is made under the guidance of one of Burgundy’s greats, Mounir Souma of Lucien Le Moine.


Bòggina B is produced from Tuscan Trebbiano planted in the 1970s at Petrolo in the Poggio vineyard and recently replanted below the Bòggina vineyard using the same original clones.

Bòggina is the oldest vineyard on the Petrolo estate. Planted in 1952 by the grandfather of proprietor Luca Sanjust, it spans 13 acres. It is planted to a density of 5,500 vines per hectare and is cordon spur trained. The yield per plant is notably restricted (max 2.5 lbs per vine plant), allowing a concentration of all the noble components of the grape, fundamental for the full-bodied character of this wine.


Manual harvest in crates. Grape selection & sorting table. Soft pressing and natural vinification with native yeasts in barrique. Aging sur lies for over 2 years in French oak barriques and tonneaux.


This remains one of the coolest whites in Tuscany with a mineral, apple, and light flint aroma and flavor profile. Full-bodied, tight and focused with a beautiful finish of bright acidity and a stone, creamy texture. Made with Lucien Le Moine from Burgundy.

-James Suckling



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"A cellar-worthy expression"

Wine Advocate - February 11, 2020 "A cellar-worthy expression of Trebbiano Toscano, the 2017 Bòggina B sees extended aging on the lees to create a creamy and generous medium to full-bodied white wine. The Etruscan-named Bòggina opens to a light golden color followed by Mediterranean aromas of stone fruit, apricot and candied orange peel. That sur lie aging contributes to the honey-like fattiness or creaminess of the wine that is played up a notch higher in a hot and dry vintage such as this, which resulted in extra fruit concentration. Trebbiano, with its loose clusters, is harvested immediately before Sangiovese. There are documents that trace the existence of Trebbiano in this part of Tuscany back to the 13th century. In fact, the grape was widely popular back then, and fruit from the vineyards near the Petrolo estate fetched top dollar."

"One of the best whites of Tuscany"

James Suckling - November 14, 2019

"The 2017 vintage of Luca Sanjust’s Bòggina Bianco one again makes the case that this is one of the best whites of Tuscany. The complex perfumes of white pepper, chalk, flint, pear tart, green apples, white chocolate and smoke are stunning. Then comes an incredibly linear texture that’s so vertical it could cut your mouth in two. Cutting, sweeping acidity makes an indent in the palate, which it expertly fills with praline, almond and nutmeg undertones. Full-bodied and very, very long on the finish with a well-judged play between oxidation and reduction."

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