Quinta do Noval

Noval BLACK Reserve Port NV

Douro Valley, Portugal


Almost from when it was first introduced In 2010, Noval BLACK Reserve has helped generate interest in the use of port in cocktails, hearkening to the history of port’s use on the back bar a century ago, and with its complexity and balance adding a dynamic new element in today’s cocktail utopia.

Noval BLACK Reserve was created to celebrate a decade after the near total rehabilitation of the historic Noval vineyard, arguably the Douro Valley’s greatest.  The major replantings emphasizing only the best traditional grape varieties, the move of the cellar to the vineyard rather than Vila Nova de Gaia several hours away for total control, and several other factors meant that the fruit being grown at Noval had reached a historic high.

Noval BLACK Reserve is a clear expression of the Noval style, no ageing and no decanting necessary. No complications, just a great glass of Port.

The style of Noval BLACK Reserve is entirely about emphasizing the quality of this fruit, through use of estate fruit, gentle handling (including foot treading), and vinification aiming for transparency.  You could say it is the most wine-like of ruby reserve ports, and that is the secret to its flexibility, in cocktails, chilled, and even on ice.

Noval BLACK Reserve is a revolutionary style of ruby port. The bright aromatics, incredible freshness and perfect balance bring it outside the stodgy “vintage-character” category. Enjoy it any time: Chilled. Before dinner. After. For a seductive edge to cocktails. As an indulgence with chocolate. The custom-designed bottle is distinctive, modern yet timeless, reflecting the uniqueness of Noval BLACK Reserve.


After 15 years tireless years of work re-planting this legendary estate in Pinhão, Noval is seeing fruit at a quality level exceeding its highest expectations. At least 50% of the grapes that go into Noval BLACK Reserve come from their own vineyard. Additional fruit is sourced from exclusively A-rated vineyards in the Cima Corgo, the most famous of the three sub-regions in the Douro Valley. As a premium ruby port expressing a deep color and a high aromatic complexity, it carries the ‘Reserve’ designation.


Noval BLACK Reserve is a blend of six traditional Portuguese grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Cão. 50% of the grapes are trodden by foot in lagares, traditional stone vats from the Quinta. The rest are vinified by pumps over in stainless steel vats. This mechanical pressing process was designed specifically for Noval, geared to the requirements of the technical team. The wine is matured for two years in large oak casks and steel vats to preserve the wine’s freshness.


Black Chilled:
Serve chilled. Cool temperatures bring out the freshness of ripe berries and the warmth of spices.

Black with Chocolate:
An indulgent any-time treat with dark chocolate.

Black & Stormy:
– 1 oz. Noval Black Port
– 1 oz. Goslings Black Seal Rum
– 1 oz. House Ginger Beer
– 0.5 oz. Lime Juice
– 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
Shake with ice and garnish with a lime wheel, skewered to a piece of candied ginger and a blackberry.

Noval Cup
– 2 oz. Noval Black Port
– 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice
– 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
– 1 Strawberry
Muddle the strawberry with the simple syrup, then add the rest of the ingredients. Shake with ice and fine strain into a collins glass, filled with ice.
Top with 2 oz. Club Soda. Garnish with a cucumber wheel.

Black Singular Sangeree:
– 1.5 oz. Noval Black Port
– 0.75 oz. Cognac VSOP
– 0.5 oz. orange liqueur
– 2 Dashes of Orange Bitters
Stir with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. Top with 1.5 oz. Champagne. Garnish with an orange twist.




Douro Valley, Portugal



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"Tons of Character for a Great Price"

Jeb Dunnuck - February 10, 2023 "I always love this cuvée, which offers tons of character for a great price. Classic Noval notes of spicy red and blue fruits, orange blossom, cigar, tobacco, and candied mint emerge from the NV Black, and It's round, supple, and full-bodied on the palate, with nicely balanced sugar, a layered yet elegant mouthfeel, and a great finish. Delivering richness as well as freshness, you could certainly do a lot worse for the price." J.D 2/23

"Pointed, ripe and chock full of flavor

Wine Advocate - February 4, 2019 "The NV Black Ruby Reserve Porto is mostly Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Tinto Cão aged in an equal mixture of oak and stainless steel. It comes in with 100 grams of residual sugar per liter. This has many fine attributes, but the most important is that it seems very much like Noval. Laced with an invigorating eucalyptus/cistus aromatic, it is always elegant in the mid-palate yet somehow still solid, something I find Noval does very well. It was one of the relatively few in this report that actually seemed better two days later (and most of the others were unfiltered). There is plenty of finesse and lift to the fruit. It is pointed, ripe and chock full of flavor while still showing off some power and structure. This was, in fact, a bit tight on opening. One of the more distinctive Reserves (in part, thanks to the aromatics), this is very well done at a good price point. It became one of my favorites. It is lovely and exceeds expectations, so I'm leaning up on this a bit. It should still be drunk young, as it won't reward aging."

"It's a terrific, forward, sexy Port"

Jeb Dunnuck - August 8, 2018 "The NV Black cuvée comes half from estate vineyards (the rest is sourced from the Cima Corgo region in the Douro Valley) and is aged two years in larger oak and stainless-steel vats. At 20 bucks, it’s a terrific, forward, sexy Port offering lots of currants, raisins, candied olives, and dried herb aromas and flavors. It’s worth buying." - Jeb Dunnuck

"A staple for a new generation of Port drinkers"

Wine & Spirits Magazine - August 8, 2018 “Black replaces LB, Noval’s former entry in this range, and uses top-quality fruit to create a soft, accommodating texture. The aromas are purple-black while the flavors are pure black cherry. Acidity spices it up and adds to the juiciness of the finish. It’s plump in the middle and supple all the way through, ending on fruit-skin tannin and a touch of chocolate from oak. At the level of many of the region’s best LBVs, this wine may become a staple for a new generation of Port drinkers.” 91 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine

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