Quinta do Noval

Nacional Vintage Port 2019

Douro Valley, Portugal

The word “Nacional” refers to the fact that the vines are Portuguese vines growing in Portuguese soil with no foreign root stock and are therefore “attached to the soil of the Nation.” When Noval’s vineyards were devastated by phylloxera in the late 19th century, the owner decided to replant a tiny parcel of the vineyard with ungrafted vines. These 6 acres of Nacional vines lie in an area indistinguishable from and surrounded by the other Noval vines.

Studied thoroughly by agronomists and scientists, the survival of the tiny parcel of legendary ungrafted vines is a mystery and the National is a unique and extraordinary phenomenon that does not necessarily follow the same rhythm as the rest of the Quinta do Noval. In some years a great Nacional is produced when Noval does not even declare the Quinta do Noval Vintage. In others, Quinta do Noval makes a great Vintage Port but the Nacional does not perform. 

Tasting a bottle from the minute production of Nacional is every port lover’s fantasy and Nacional is every port lover’s fantasy and this great wine is a source of pride to the people of Portugal and at its best the finest expression of the extraordinary terroir of Quinta do Noval.

Up close, it becomes apparent that the Nacional vines are slightly less vigorous, with smaller trunks and less foliage, and with leaves that are slightly less vibrant green. The berries are smaller, giving a higher ratio of skin to juice. The grapes are picked in one day and trodden in only the smallest lagares but otherwise are treated with the same meticulous care as the other Quinta do Noval wines.

“This wine is a mysterious phenomenon, a magical wine produced in extremely limited quantities and only in a few years each decade. It is the expression of a terroir and confirms something that is for me a deeply held belief. The Nacional is great because of the grapes and where they come from, not because of anything particular that we do. It has a unique personality, an extraordinary intensity and, even after many years of ageing, retains an astonishing youthfulness.” Christian Seely


The Nacional parcel is planted with a mix of the noble grape varieties of the Douro, principally Touriga Franca; Tinto Cão; Touriga Nacional; Sousão and Tinta Roriz. As a vine dies, it is replanted from the cuttings of another vine in the vineyard.


Fermentation: The grapes were fermented in the traditional stone “lagares” of the Quinta, with temperature control at 84°F. Grapes were trodden by foot to obtain the must, then macerated during fermentation to obtain the best possible extraction.
Aging: The wine was aged for 18 months in wooden barrels in the cellars of the Quinta.


2019 was marked by a mild winter and generally dry conditions, with almost no rain from May to the end of August. Summer temperatures in the Douro were fortunately lower than usual this year, making the absence of rain easier to bear for the vines. Moreover, low humidity led to low disease pressure in the vineyards and beautiful healthy grapes. Harvest started on September 9th for the red varieties. Harvesting conditions were ideal, with moderate temperatures and overall dry weather. A small amount of helpful rain fell on September 21st/22nd and later between October 14th and 17th. Yields were slightly higher than our 10-year average and musts showed great natural acidity and freshness. We finished harvesting on October 18th after 6 weeks of picking. This was a long harvest, but this is not unusual in the Douro, where the diversity of grape varieties, aspects and altitudes results in different picking times for each specific plot.




Douro Valley, Portugal



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"Precision and finesse"

Wine Advocate - December 6, 2021 "Showing open and expressive fruit, more cherries and even more power as it aired out. The aromatics are excellent here too, but more fruit driven. This Nacional has more precision and more finesse. It is brighter and laser-like focused with an expression of fruit that seems so pure that you can almost think they used a spoon to fill the bottle after just crushing the grapes. If the structure is excellent, the fruit is sensational. The juicy finish of this very fresh Porto seals the deal. In truth, it will need 20 years before it is firing on all cylinders. Purists will suggest longer." MS

"Impressive Range and Drive"

Wine Spectator - January 19, 2022 "This is clearly packed, with a remarkably dense core of black currant, fig, açaí berry and plum fruit that’s steeped in feel yet still well-defined. Licorice root, Turkish coffee, baker’s chocolate and singed alder notes course through, adding impressive range and drive. All that power and density and there’s still great cut and a lingering mouth-watering edge. Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Cão, Sousão and Tinta Roriz. " J.M

"Gorgeous cassis and plum fruits"

Jeb Dunnuck - July 25, 2022 "Showing incredible purity and elegance, the 2019 Vintage Port reminds me a little of the 2017, offering gorgeous cassis and plum fruits as well as candied black olive, melted licorice, Asian spices, and tobacco. Full-bodied, rich, and flawlessly balanced, it shines for its elegance and purity, has silky tannins, and not hard edge to be found. It's so balanced and pure, it's a joy to drink even today, and it should continue to evolve gracefully for 50+ years if you have a cold cellar (and are young). It's a gorgeous wine." -J.D 11/21

"Balance and definition"

Decanter - August 3, 2022 "A dry summer with moderate temperatures and perfect weather through the harvest, which lasted well into October. Closed and sullen on the nose with underlying density and a hint of graphite; much more expressive on the palate with lovely, rich liquorice-like intensity (though not as dense or concentrated as the 2020) combined with lovely purity and freshness (the hallmark of this vintage). Firm, spicy tannins mid-palate leading to a long linear finish. Mid-weight with a classic profile showing balance and definition." -R.M 8/22

"Ripe black cherry fruit"

Decanter - August 3, 2022 "Again, picked on just one day (9th October) and foot-trodden in one small lagar. Not quite as deep and dense as the 2020 but closed in and introverted on the nose with characteristic underlying power and intensity. Ripe black cherry fruit with seamlessly integrated solid, ripe tannins. Lithe with less flesh and a bit leaner than the 2020 but very much all there with a long, fine sinewy finish." R.M 8/22


Vinous - November 2, 2022

"The palate is still velvety smooth, richer and slightly sweeter than the 2020, enormous depth towards the finish with a hedonistic veneer on the finish. Interestingly, this has less residual sugar than the 2020, but slightly more acidity. Superb." -N.M 11/22

"Ripe and mellow sweetness"

James Suckling - January 19, 2023

Aromas of dried cherries, blackberries and cassis with dark licorice, chocolate and graphite undertones. Full-bodied, with a ripe and mellow sweetness, and ultra-fine, silky tannins that flow through the palate for minutes. Lots of grip. Such an elegant texture, with great finesse. Long and seamless." J.S 1/23

"Lots of depth"

James Suckling - January 19, 2023 "A chewy and beautiful young Nacional with grapey character and lots of depth and layers of tannins. Crushed black berries and black cherries. Tannic finish." J.S 1/23

"This is magical stuff"

Jeb Dunnuck (97+) - February 10, 2023

"Coming from a cooler vintage, the 2019 Vintage Port is nevertheless powerful, full-bodied, and concentrated, with lots of structure and density giving it a tight, backward, yet incredibly impressive feel. It's actually more concentrated than the 2018, with a touch more baby fat as well, yet has a similar level of complexity. Red and black plums, cassis, iron, chalky minerality, chocolate, black olive, and licorice are just some of its nuances [...] this is magical stuff." J.D 2/23

"Pure Perfection in Port"

Jeb Dunnuck - February 10, 2023 "Pure perfection in Port, the 2019 Vintage Port Nacional is riveting stuff in every sense, and I certainly can't imagine it being any better. Coming from a single parcel of older vines and a field blend (it's primarily Touriga Nacional) brought up in older wood, it's one of those ports that brings incredible intensity, richness, and power while somehow staying perfectly balanced, pure, and light on its feet, with its fruit, alcohol, and structure just flawlessly integrated. It's also incredibly complex, even at this young stage, offering red, blue, and black fruits as well as sandalwood, Asian spice, dried flowers, iron, black olive, and graphite on the nose. [...] While the 2020 is all about power and richness, this is an utterly complex, compelling, insanely good Port that I wish I could pour for every reader. While it offers ample pleasure today (count me in the group that enjoys young Port), I would hide any bottles I might have for at least 7-8 years, and it should have 50, 60, 70 years of longevity? This beauty will unquestionably outlive most of us today." J.D 2/23

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