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Savennières Clos du Papillon 2018



Savennières is a tiny region located on the northern banks of the Loire River, just across from the town of Rochefort Sur Loire.  The entire appellation consists of fewer than 360 acres of vines, all planted to Chenin Blanc.  The South/Southeast facing vineyards are planted on unique soils composed of schistous volcanic debris mixed with sandstone and granite, imparting a strong, intensely original minerality to the Chenin Blanc grape.  The average yields for the appellation are well below permitted levels, and actually the lowest of any dry french white wines; the resulting wines have stunning concentration and perfume.  The combination of this concentration with the naturally high acidity of the Chenin Blanc grape results in wines capable of lasting and improving for decades.

Domaine des Baumard produces some of the finest examples of Savennières, including the single-vineyard “Clos du Papillon” from a site along the Loire noted for the presence of volcanic rock in its schist soils. The vineyard gets its name from its particular butterfly shape. Florent Baumard owns the eastern “wing” of this famous vineyard, and produces what must be one of the most under-appreciated great white wines in the world.  The sheer intensity of the orchard fruit, floral, and earthy minerality notes emerging as the structure of the wine builds – nothing short of thrilling.


Baumard’s Clos du Papillon holdings total 10 acres of mostly schist soils, with sandstone and sane over rhyolinte. The vines average 35 years of age, and yields are a minuscule 30 hl/ha.
Grapes are harvested over successive passes so that bunches are at optimal maturity.
Baumard adheres to several core principles in managing their vineyard, including:
– alternating cover crop among rows
– trellising high to capture sunlight and ensure ripeness
– respecting natural balances and treatments
– controlled treatments
– waste management


The grapes are whole bunch pressed in a pneumatic press. Pressings are gentle and fractional, meaning that Florent Baumard collects the pressed juice at ascending intervals of pressure and ferments the lots separately. The wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures on their lees; no wood is used in the winemaking or aging process, which Florent believes allows him to achieve a purer expression of site. The wine then spends 9 months on the lees in tank before being bottled.


2018 was a nearly perfect vintage, avoiding the Spring frosts which plagued 2016 and 2017. Mild summer weather and a warm autumn produced perfectly ripe fruit with moderate alcohol, juicy acidity and dense concentration. The young wines will need time to open up in bottle – or a quick decant. Baumard’s 2018 Papillon is a rich wine, immediately impressive, but likely to be extremely long-lived, capable of improving for 15-20 years.



Grape Varieties

Chenin Blanc




Sustainable. Refrains from using herbicides. Grasses over alternate vineyard rows.



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"Warm golden fruit and spiced richness"

Wine & Spirits - March 3, 2021 “The Baumards describes 2018 as a "gentle" season, and free of spring frosts. The wine has some sharp edges at first, then deepens as it turns toward warm golden fruit and spiced richness on the finish. Pour it with a mushroom risotto."

"Yellow Peach"

Wine Spectator - December 7, 2021 "This distinctive white offers a striking mineral undertone, with a flinty aroma flanking the yellow peach, blanched almond, tarragon and heather notes. A bracing acidity gives this focus." -GS

Wine Enthusiast - June 30, 2022 Cellar Selection "Slowly developing, this wine from the butterfly (papillon) shaped vineyard is impressive. Its mineral character and its tight acidity are harbingers of long-term aging. The white fruits and tight texture will soften over time." R.V 8/22

"Baking spices and nutty characters"

Vinous - September 8, 2022 "This is a fuller, creamy style of Clos du Papillon probably due to the warmer season. The 2018 is a full bodied with relatively rich fruit for a Savennières, all baked apple fruits, baking spices and nutty characters. It's young yet ready to drink" R.G 6/22

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Domaine des Baumard produces some of the finest examples of Savennières, and Jean Baumard and now his son, Florent, are universally regarded as the finest winemakers in the appellation. Their wines are among the most unique and rewarding in the world: dry whites of intense concentration, perfume, and longevity.