Le Macchiole Messorio 2019 (98 W&S)

“Cinzia Merli’s refinements in the vineyards and cellar over the past several years have coincided with the long and balanced 2019 growing season to produce the most elegant, vibrant and expressive set of wines I have yet tasted from this estate. It’s a close call for top honors, but Messorio, her merlot, took my breath away and lingered in my thoughts for days. The wine unfolds slowly, opening on dark plum and blackberry flavors that are drawn out by warm spice notes. Scents of violet and lavender emerge as the flavors continue to build and deepen, quivering with energy and tensile acidity. There’s a Zen quality to this wine in its quiet confidence and superb balance, showing so much finesse and detail that it is tempting to indulge in it now, but I’d love to taste it in ten years, and again in twenty.  —S.J 4/23


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    Le Macchiole

    Le Macchiole Messorio 2019

    Toscana IGT

    Messorio, a Merlot monovarietal, is the winery’s crown jewel. Its initial vintage was 1994, and since then it has received extraordinary acclaim, including a 100-point score from the Wine Spectator for the 2004 vintage. The name Messorio refers to the ancient Tuscan practice of wheat harvesting, the most important time of the year in the Bolgheri countryside - once it referred to wheat; these days, it is all about grape harvesting.

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    Le Macchiole

    Bolgheri, Italy

    Le Macchiole can best be defined as the “Boutique Bolgheri.” The winery is known for its spectacular single-varietal wines, and their signature grape varieties are Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc and work is always conducted with the priority being "the expression of the land." The winery continues to evolve in both the vineyards and in the cellar to allow the soil characteristics from this estate property to be the defining identity in the wines.