Pagos de Anguix

Costalara 2019

Ribera del Duero


This is a wine made for lovers of truly emblematic Ribera del Dueros that will gain complexity with a little bottle age. The rocky surface of the soil, combined with calcareous clay beneath, gives this red wine its balanced profile and fruit-laden character, with a predominance of red fruit complemented by balsamic and liquorice notes, and a slightly spicy nuance. It is a powerful, structured wine with aromas of fine wood (vanilla and white pepper notes) and ripe black fruit.


The vines, which are 20 to 25 years old, are planted on rocky soils over calcareous clay beneath The yield control in the vineyard is exhaustive, drastically limiting the production with very severe cluster thinning to achieve maximum quality. Cold nights allow for slow ripening, while late harvest help reach full phenolic ripening. Patience and wisdom have resulted in elegant wines that express the authentic richness of this exceptional terroir. All the grapes are harvested by hand, selecting the best bunches with optimal balance in flavor, sugar levels, and acidity.


The team performs an artisanal and low-intervention style of winemaking. The grapes are hand-picked and carefully selected before being destemmed and transferred to stainless steel tanks. A 15-day maceration is carried out at a low temperature of 42°F, before fermentation, allowing for the delicate extraction of color and flavor compounds from the grape skins without extracting the bitter and harsher tannins. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to oak barrels (75% French and 25% American) to age for at least 14 months. By carefully selecting the barrels that are most suitable for each specific parcel and vintage, the wine will be able to mature in the optimal way.


The 2019 was a magnificent historical vintage, with a great aging potential. According to Enrique Pascual, President of the Regulatory Council, “The conditions in 2019 were exceptional,” with incredibly healthy vines. It was a warm and consistent vintage. Although frost threatened in May and June, cool weather was the worst of it for many vineyards, meaning ‘suppressed yields’ was the biggest detriment. Limited rain in the growing season and good water reserves from the previous year led to compact grapes full of flavor.

Tasting Notes

The wine has a bright red hue with violet nuances, great intensity of color, and persistent legs. Initially the nose reveals elegant oak-imparted notes of vanilla and coconut, white pepper, and oregano. As the wine opens up, the complexity of its aroma increases, offering notes of liquorice root and high-intensity red fruit. On the palate, the initial impression is unctuous yet fresh. Velvety tannins caress the palate, revealing its full opulence. Lush, concentrated, persistent, with a long, spicy finish. Full-bodied with a refreshing minerality, this red wine pairs well with meals featuring intense flavors and sweet nuances, such as suckling pig, white or red meat roasts.



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Ribera del Duero





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