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Sauvignon Blanc

Western Cape


Sauvignon Blanc is a serious subject for Bruce, who aims to create a style with the “length of Sancerre and the fruit of New Zealand”. To achieve this, selections from the coolest parts of the Western Cape are hand selected in the blending process, resulting in a wine that jumps with fruit without feeling the slightest bit unbalanced. 100% destemmed and only utilizing free-run juice, the wine is gently grassy on the nose, with fresh tropical fruit at the front of the palate and long, zesty finish.


“Bruce Jack Wines sources from several of the most prestigious location across the Western Cape, with their base being in the heart of the South African wine world: Bredekloof. The vineyards in the valley of Bredekloof benefit from mountains providing morning shade and a moderate amount of rainfall, providing fresh fruit quality and bright acidity. With access to such a wide range of grapes, Bruce is able to cherry pick the best of the bunch for his eponymous label.

Utilizing grapes from the Cape South Coast, the Antarctic influenced wine growing region, Bruce’s Sauvignon Blanc contains a uniquely bright acidity from the field of other South African wines.”


The Sauvignon Blanc is made from 100% destemmed fruit, which then sees differing degrees of skin contact depending on how much phenolic ripeness each region can comfortably extract (Stellenbosch sees 6 hours, compared to Darling which sees 24 hours, etc). The wine rests in stainless steel for several months before bottling.


A long, moderate growing season was a welcome respite for the growers in South Africa. Both yields and quality were up, with wines showing particularly fresh and jubilant.

Tasting Note

A Tropical fruit forward palate of ripe mango and pineapple gives way to a gently grassy finish, set against the structural and phenolic complexity of the wine.



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Sauvignon Blanc


Western Cape





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