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Loire Valley Legend Jean Baumard Dies at 92

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Jean Baumard of Domaines des Baumard passed away last week after a long illness, at the age of 92.  Jean was a true revolutionary in the Loire.  Brand Director Patrick Will says, “Much of what we now take for granted in the pure mineral-driven dry wines and the densely-sweet yet laser-focused sweet wines of the Anjou is largely due to his quiet but tireless pursuit of the ideal expression of his vineyards.  He was an innovator in both viticulture and oenology, frequently clashing with the INAO, and he revived a family domaine that then became the benchmark for an entirely new level of quality in Côteaux du Layon, Savennières, and Quarts de Chaume.  His son Florent has run the estate  for nearly 30 years with a similar focus, fine-tuning as well as innovating in the uncompromising tradition of his father.”

Read the piece Kristen Bieler of the Wine Spectator wrote below

Loire Valley Legend Jean Baumard Dies at 92 _ Wine Spectator



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