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Château Boutisse classified as Grand Cru Classé of Saint-Emilion

Communiqué - Chateau Boutisse - Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion

The Milhade family has for four generations made wine on the right bank of Bordeaux, always as a family affair. Xavier Milhade, overseeing his family’s properties of Chateau Recougne and Chateau Boutisse, has passed his winemaking talent to his son, Marc, now one of the leaders of the younger generation in the Saint-Emilion area. While Chateau Recougne has a historical reputation gong back centuries as an exceptional terroir well beyond its Bordeaux Superieur label, Marc has helped make Boutisse a truly exciting Saint Emilion Grand Cru. Marc’s sister Elodie is also taking on increasingly important role running the non-winemaking side of the estates, and her husband’s Chateau Tour Bayard, in Montagne-Saint-Emilion, completes the trifecta of estates overseen by the family.

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    Purchased in 1996,the Milhade family have invested enormously in the vineyards and facilities at Boutisse and, above all, with their energy. Today Boutisse is no longer a surprise - dynamic young winemaker Marc Milhade has transformed this estate into an outstanding Saint-Emilion, with ripe, structured and engaging character.

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