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The Back Label E08 – Miriam Lee Masciarelli

October 23, 2020

VINTUS · The Back Label E08 – Miriam Lee Masciarelli

Founded by Abruzzo native Gianni Masciarelli in 1981, Masciarelli and its wines have become the standard-bearer for the Abruzzo region, and an inspiration to all emerging Italian wine regions. The innovation that Gianni and his wife, Marina Cvetic, brought to the vineyards and the winery has been rewarded with 29 Tre Bicchieri, the prestigious award of the most renowned wine guide in Italy, and recognition as a groundbreaking and iconic winery.

Miriam Lee Masciarelli is the eldest of Gianni Masciarelli and Marina Cvetic’s three children and is already on track to move the family estate forward, together with her mother. Miriam is the estate’s brand manager and consistently emphasizes the need to learn about the land and culture of Abruzzo before truly understanding the wines.

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    Abruzzo, Italy

    Through tremendous vision and endless innovation, Masciarelli has not only become one of the most admired wineries in Italy, but is often regarded as the standard-bearer of the Abruzzo region. Led by the mother-daughter team of Marina Cvetić and Miriam Lee Masciarelli, the winery is the only one in Abruzzo to own land in all four provinces and produce wine from 100% estate-owned vineyards.