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New Alchemy Distilling Aether Vodka Tech Sheet

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September 17, 2020


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    New Alchemy Distilling

    New Alchemy Distilling Aether Vodka

    Aether Vodka is distilled from locally sourced wine grapes. The team at New Alchemy worked extensively to develop an exclusive distillation and refinement process that allows this overproof vodka to be as smooth, if not smoother, than the best traditional vodkas. At 120 proof, Aether is ideal for cocktails or infusions, providing a clean, crisp foundation for any variety of flavors, without over diluting. Aether Vodka has notably stood its ground and even bested standard-proof vodkas in competition because of its smooth, polished flavor.

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    New Alchemy Distilling

    El Dorado, California

    New Alchemy Distilling is passionate about bringing new perspectives to classic spirits. Owned and operated by distillers Matt Sweeny and Jason Somerby, both medical doctors by training, the idea for New Alchemy was conceived in the research laboratory where the two founders first met. Matt and Jason combine both artistic and highly technical skill sets to develop new approaches to traditional spirits.