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Joe Rochioli Jr: No Ordinary Joe

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PinotFile, the first wine newsletter exclusively devoted to “pinotfiles” everywhere, recently published a feature on Joe Rochioli, A History of the J. Rochioli Vineyards.

For those who do not recognize the name, Joe Rochioli Jr. is a winegrower extraordinaire, “the patriarch of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir farming. His personal history is marked by numerous remarkable achievements that inseparably link him to the history of Pinot Noir viticulture in the Russian River Valley.” The feature dives into the fascinating history of the Rochioli family, from their heritage in Italy to their legendary ventures in the Russian River Valley. While presenting the success of the Rochioli Vineyard, it is almost impossible not to mention another legend of the Russian River Valley: Gary Farrell.

Gary Farrell “played a vital role in validating the Russian River Valley as an exceptional region for domestic Pinot Noir and in assisting the Rochiolis in establishing their own winery. Farrell started his own label in 1982, releasing a 50-case blend of Rochioli West Block and North Hill of Allen Vineyard fruit. Farrell has said, “It (Rochioli Vineyard) confirmed my opinion that world-class Pinot Noir could be grown in the Russian River Valley. […] Farrell’s wines soon took on considerable praise.”

To learn more about Gary Farrell and the Rochioli Vineyards, read the full article HERE.


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