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Van Volxem Rotschiefer Riesling Kabinett 2016 Tech Sheet

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April 3, 2020


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    Van Volxem

    Van Volxem Rotschiefer Riesling Kabinett 2016

    Saar Valley, Mosel

    Named for the iron-rich “red slate” which characterizes the top sites in the Wiltingen Grosse Lagen, this slightly off-dry style is the perfect blend of ripe fruit, invigorating minerality and bright acid. It’s an especially potent partner for spicy and delicate flavors.

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    Van Volxem

    Saar Valley, Mosel

    Located in the historic center of Wiltingen in the Saar Valley, the Van Volxem winery dates back to Roman times. The vineyards date back to the 3rd century, and the traces of the original villa remain to this day. Gustav van Volxem purchased the property in the wake of the French Revolution, which ended generations of monastic control. Gustav was a true visionary, and recognized the potential of his spectacular vineyard sites. The estate gained international acclaim over the four generations of Van Volxem family stewardship that followed Gustav. In 2000, Roman Niewodniczanski purchased the property and embarked on an ambitious program to revive the prestige of German Riesling, which a century before commanded higher prices than the top estates of Burgundy or Bordeaux.