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Ornellaia Keeps Calm and Carries On

Wine-Searcher’s James Lawrence interviews Ornellaia estate director Axel Heinz about the challenges of the 2017 Bolgheri vintage and the current coronavirus lock-down. Heinz comments that the lockdown is strange, “living in a country resolutely committed to socializing and finding that the cafes and streets are empty.” The silver lining, if any, is that Heinz has been able to dedicate increased time to the release of the rather difficult 2017 vintage. Heinz clarifies that 2017 was characterized by hot temperatures and hydric stress, both of which are occurring with increased frequency as a result of Global warming. Nonetheless, Heniz proudly sates that the skilled team at Ornellaia was able to combat such measures and create a beautiful wine that “delivers pleasure now, as it is a very ripe and expressive vintage. However, in five to seven years’ time it will calm down and reveal finesse that is currently ‘trapped’. I think Ornellaia in its youth can sometimes be impetuously ripe and flashy – the 2017 is a classic example.”

To learn more about Ornellaia’s efforts to combat global warming and the 2017 vintage in Blogheri, read the full article HERE.




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    Bolgheri, Italy

    Ornellaia has established itself as one of the most iconic producers in Italy (and beyond). The estate is dedicated to producing charming and opulent wines, full of Mediterranean character and finesse, reflecting the estate's unique terroir in Bolgheri on the Tuscan coast.