Domaine Hubert Brochard

Loire Valley, France

Since its creation by Aimée and Hubert Brochard in 1900, Domaine Hubert Brochard has been committed from one generation to the next to producing wines representative of the diversity of the Sancerre terroirs. In July 2022, the Bollinger family group bought the Domaine. A new adventure begins, based on a vision: there is not one Sancerre but different Sancerre. It is the richness of the terroirs, the plurality of styles and personalities, the meeting of cultures and know-how that will allow people to (re)discover the subtleties of the appellation. The Brochard team is led by winemaker Rodrigo Zamorano with a precise target: to showcase the unique individuality of these remarkable Terroirs.


Sancerre Blanc

Loire Valley

This Sauvignon comes mostly from vineyards in seven villages, with the three famous Sancerre Terroirs : Chalk, flint, Caillotes. Sauvignon grapes are harvested partly by machine and partly by hand. Pressing is only in pneumatic presses. Vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature in order to keep all the fine aromas of Sauvignon. The perfect expression of an ideal Sancerre.

Sancerre Château de Thauvenay

Loire Valley, France

Sancerre Château de Fontaine Audon

Loire Valley, France

Sancerre Les Trois Coteaux

Loire Valley, France

Sancerre La Côte des Monts Damnés

Loire Valley, France

Sancerre Le Cul de Beaujeu

Loire Valley, France

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Rodrigo Zamorano

Born in Chile, Rodrigo has built an international career in winemaking : he earned a diploma in agricultural engineering specializing in oenology in Chile, a master's degree in Vine and Wine Sciences at ENSAM, between Montpellier and Bordeaux.
Rodrigo joined one of the largest wine groups in Chile where - for 15 years - he has learned to listen to wine, navigated between several vineyards and climbed the ranks. He explored, tirelessly, traveled across the globe and tasted the freedom of innovation of the New World. But Rodrigo likes challenges. He has always wanted to devote himself to the expression of an exceptional appellation. Even if it means leaving everything behind and crossing the Atlantic again. In December 2022, Rodrigo took the reins of Hubert Brochard, rich in his international winemaking expertise and his great oenological precision. With his team, he is determined to bring his wines to the tables of the best sommeliers and tasters, and to make Sancerre shine.

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