A Word From Us

To Our Valued Suppliers, Partners & Colleagues:

This last nine month period has brought stress after unimaginable stress across business, health, economic, social, and racial issues of the greatest magnitude.  In the midst of this historically turbulent time, I am so proud of how together as a company we have addressed these challenges with humanity, courage and grace.  

Our professional and personal ties have become more vital than we perhaps could have imagined, and our work has moved beyond just selling wine to sustaining each other and our colleagues across the country and the globe.

To that end, the desire to stand for what is right leads us to release the following statement today that reflects the fundamental beliefs of the leadership of our company:

Black Lives Matter.  George Floyd matters, as do the lives of countless others, seen and unseen, victimized by police violence.  There is no place for police brutality, violence, injustice or systemic racism of any kind against the black community.  So many have expressed better than we can the horror of seeing the seams ripping across our country. We all have a tremendous amount of listening, thinking and work to do to understand how we can become a more positive force in our communities on an everyday basis.  This week we are making a donation to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and this week we start to plan ways to take more responsibility moving forward to do our part in working towards a truly just and equal society.  Silence is not an option.   

My Best,

Michael Quinttus, CEO