Juvé & Camps Gran Juvé Gran Reserva 2016 (95 DE)

“For years Juvé y Camps has been the leading innovator in the quest for top quality and identity in Cava. With this wine they show their mastery in blending in order to create a distinctive style. Bright straw colour, with intense brioche, apple and citrus fruit notes. The best thing in this wine is the balance; it keeps fresh and joyful, but offers nice complexity and depth. Round and mellow, distinctively Cava. A great name.” – P.B.T., 12/2022


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    Juvé & Camps

    Juvé & Camps Gran Juvé Gran Reserva 2016


    Since it was first made in 1972, Gran Juvé has always been an emblematic cuvée, representing the best of Juvé & Camps. Categorized as 'Brut' with only 5g/l of dosage, it is only produced in exceptional vintages and is made using the best quality grapes from select vineyard plots. With a very long aging time in the bottle of about 42 months, it showcases the intensity and complexity that Spanish sparkling wines can achieve.

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    Juvé & Camps


    Juvé & Camps is an indisputable worldwide leader of Spanish premium sparkling wines. This family-owned, 100% estate-based producer is revered in Spain for its painstaking focus on quality and sustainability, and its important role within the country’s conversation on fine wine in general. A winegrowing family for over 200 years, in 1921 Juvé started producing the first sparkling wines under their name. They have been pioneers in the viticulture and production of sparkling wines since then. If you have visited Spain, you have seen with your own eyes the prevalence of Juvé & Camps. It is not an exaggeration to call it a national institution.