Tommai Lugana Le Fornaci 2020 (91 DE)

“This Lugana is dangerously delicious: melon and yellow fruit aromas are joined by a stony note, with intense, fleshy and vibrant flavours of cantaloupe melon, apricot, peach skin and even a touch of banana peel. Well balanced and delicious, with a long finish and a hint of mouthwatering salinity.”¬†


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    Tommasi Lugana Le Fornaci 2020

    Lugana DOC

    Le Fornaci hails from Lugana, a trendy, growing appellation on the southern shores of Lake Garda. Tommasi has long owned an estate in the village of San Martino della Battaglia, where they produce elegant white wines made from the indigenous and largely unknown Turbiana grape.

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    Veneto, Italy

    Tommasi has always been a standard bearer of the Amarone appellation. Established in 1902 around the family home in Pedemonte in Valpolicella, the winery has grown and expanded into the choicest areas of the region under the guidance of the many generations of the Tommasi family. The winery is known above all for its classic approach to winemaking in Valpolicella, favoring elegance and balance, and paying homage to the winemaking tradition of their home region.