Paternoster Vulcanico Falanghina 2018 (91 DE)

“This important Basilicata estate is an Aglianico specialist, but don’t let that take away from this excellent Falanghina. Juicy peach aromas mingle with herbs and yellow plums. It has lovely weight and richness: peach skin, apricots, orchard fruits and lime are balanced by saline acidity.” – J.B. 


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    Paternoster Vulcanico Falanghina 2018

    IGT Basilicata

    Volcanic wines are currently one of the current hot topics in the wine world, and the Vulcanico Falanghina is having its moment in the sun. The name “Vulcanico” highlights the fact that the grapes are harvested from vineyards near the base of Mount Vulture, an extinct volcano. The Vulcanico combines the freshness, balminess and delicacy of the Falanghina grape with the brightness and generosity that one would expect from a white wine from southern Italy.

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    Basilicata, Italy

    Volcanic wines are currently a hot topic among wine critics and enthusiasts worldwide, and Paternoster is very much of the moment: it is a volcanic wine in the literal sense of the term and stands on an extinct volcano. Paternoster is located in the relatively unknown southern Italian region of Basilicata, on the slopes surrounding Mount Vulture, and has long been considered one of the region’s most important wineries.