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Mosnel Franciacorta Franciacorta Brut Rosé NV Bottle Shot

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November 25, 2020


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    Il Mosnel Franciacorta

    Il Mosnel Franciacorta Franciacorta Rosé NV

    Franciacorta DOCG

    A deeply-fragrant rosé whose crisp, graceful Chardonnay finds its delicious complement in the fruit-rich depth of Pinot Noir and the supple roundedness of Pinot Blanc. All the grapes are gently pressed, and the wine develops its harmonious character over more than 24 months of maturation sur lie. Its gold-edged, powder-pink hue hints at fresh picked redcurrants and cherries on the nose, which then develop into ultra-crisp apricot and wild strawberry, peony petals and blood oranges, plus a subtle vein of fresh almond and cotton candy. It opens generously, warm, and full in the mouth, with energy-laden impressions of succulent, fresh picked pomegranate and red apple, a complex enlivened by a slender yet tangy sapidity.

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    Il Mosnel Franciacorta

    Franciacorta DOCG

    In the very heart of Franciacorta, lies the centuries old residence of the Barboglio family; with its 16th-century wine cellars and surrounding vineyards, the estate serves as an all eloquent testimony to the age-old winemaking traditions of the region. The cellars of this venerable winery continually witness the unfolding of the impressive winemaking tradition that the Barboglio family inherited in 1836. With the introduction of the Franciacorta DOCG, Emanuela Barboglio was able, in 1968, to wisely guide the winery into specialized, high-quality winegrowing. Today, her two children, Giulio and Lucia Barzanò, have accepted the challenge of this priceless inheritance and are committed to handing it on, with increased luster, to future generations.