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20 Reds Under $20: Where the Values Live, for Now

July 22, 2020

In staying with the current political times, visa-vi the 25 percent tariff and looming increase (please submit comments in opposition HERE), the New York Times recommends avoiding the historic wine cultures of Europe when searching for the best value wines. In their latest 20 Under $20 Column, wine critic Eric Asimov recommends the Marietta Cellars Roman Zinfandel 2016 as a top-choice value wine.

Asimov describes the wine as “an old-school California zin, it turns spicy on the palate rather than sweet. With plenty of acidity, it’s balanced and refreshing.”

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    Marietta Cellars

    Marietta Cellars Román Zinfandel

    North Coast, California

    Named after cellarmaster Román Cisneros who has worked at Marietta for over 32 years, this Estate Zinfandel is from the Angeli estate vineyard in Alexander Valley and the McDowell Valley estate vineyard. One of the grape varieties that Marietta is famous for, this wine captures the bright, juicy character of Zinfandel, and hearkens to an era before dark, thick and oaky styles of Zinfandel took hold.

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    Marietta Cellars

    Sonoma & Mendocino, California

    Starting with only a handful of purchased grapes in 1978, Marietta Cellars has been a standout winery in Sonoma and Mendocino since the very start. Founded by Chris Bilbro, a Sonoma native with winemaking roots dated back three generations, Marietta rose to prominence with its revolutionary Old Vine Red, a California red blend that essentially created the category. The winery has slowly expanded its estate holdings over the past thirty years, evolving into a beacon for high quality, balanced Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Rhône variety blends.