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Timeplace Wines Zinfandel 2017 Label

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March 23, 2020


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    Timeplace Wine Co

    Timeplace Wines Zinfandel 2017

    Lodi, California

    Winemaker Jamey Whetstone spent a decade working for Turley, where he built his knowledge and passion for Zinfandel. He is dedicated to preserving Zinfandel's place in the pantheon of great California wines by bringing out the fresh fruit, bramble, and savory characteristics that make Zinfandel such a unique varietal.

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    Timeplace Wine Co

    Lodi, California, United States

    Timplace Wine Co is a collaboration between longtime friends Henri Gabriel and Jamey Whetstone. They were inspired by the way that wine reflects a time and place - a culmination of climate and season, site and study, and the time and place where a bottle is enjoyed with friends and family. Their passion to produce transparent wines that are vibrant and fresh, from carefully sourced vineyard sites led them to Lodi's underappreciated heritage vineyards and growers who share their philosophy. Many of the vineyards that Henri and Jamey work with have old vines that have stood the test of time and escaped commercialization. Motivated to help preserve these historic sites and prevent them from being plowed under, they are crafting world class wines with depth a personality that will help shape a new legacy for the region.