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Skyline Artisan Red 2016 Label

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March 5, 2020


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    Skyline Artisan Red 2016


    The Skyline Artisan Red is a red wine blended from selected lots of wine primarily from the sandy soils of Lodi, offering a wine with a generous fruit profile, soft tannins and ample spice. As is true with every vintage, intensive blending creates an Artisan wine crafted for immediate accessibility and enjoyment.

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    California, United States

    Since 2000, Thomas Fogarty Winery has produced Skyline Wines, utilizing long-standing relationships with some of the best grape growers to select quality fruit from heritage vineyards in different areas of California. Made without regimentation, with an open mind toward blending and varietal inclusion, Skyline Wines represent an unrestrained and innovative approach, using diverse varietals and providing the discerning wine lover excellent wines at a very fair price. Not limited by convention or tradition, these wines take full advantage of the creativity and innovative spirit found within the founders of Thomas Fogarty Winery.