Petrolo Boggina 2017 (92 WA)

“Hitting the market now, the 2017 Val d’Arno di Sopra Bòggina A is a very spicy and sassy expression of amphorae-aged Sangiovese. There are elements of crushed white pepper and cardamom that create sharp accents against the relative richness and darkness of the fruit at its core. This is an extremely sunny expression of the grape, with immediate richness and dark fruit intensity. You feel the heat of the vintage in terms of the aromas, but the wine is still crunchy and fresh in the mouth. Only 1,000 bottles were made in this vintage, compared to average annual production that hovers near 5,000 bottles.”

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    Petrolo Bòggina A 2017

    Val d'Arno di Sopra DOC

    Every year, Petrolo selects a small lot of Bòggina, a wine made purely from their best Sangiovese grapes, to ferment in amphorae. The choice of amphorae has a historical dimension: Terracotta in Tuscany has a history back to the early Etruscan times. The remains of amphorae and other Etruscan relics can be found throughout the Petrolo property, an area that has been settled for thousands of years.

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    Val d'Arno di Sopra, Tuscany. Italy

    Petrolo is the definition of a cult winery, with an owner and a story that have helped create its legendary status. While the estate's benchmark wine, the Merlot cru Galatrona, deservedly receives fireworks in the press and is part of the history of Tuscany’s quality revolution in the late 1980s and 1990s, the winery's two other standouts, Torrione and Boggina, are an equally thrilling success - Sangiovese from a special and virtually unknown appellation bordering Chianti Classico that today produces wines of distinct regional identity.