Telmo Rodriguez Gago 2016 (93 WA)

“The 2016 Gago from Toro was surprisingly elegant. It matures in foudres that were bought in the year 2,000 and by now are well seasoned and neutral and seem to respect the wine and do not lend aromas or flavors to it, so the wine comes through as very pure and fresh. The year was rainy and fresh. The tannins are surprisingly elegant, and there’s none of that rusticity often associated with Toro.”

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    Telmo Rodríguez

    Telmo Rodríguez Gago 2016

    Toro, Spain

    Like all the Telmo Rodriguez wines from Toro, Gago is 100% Tinto de Toro (the local clone of Tempranillo). Gago is the second wine made in Toro by Telmo Rodriguez. The Telmo Rodriguez range in Toro is named after a Spanish breed of bull that is both elegant and powerful. The 19th century lower-case “g” typeface that appears on all the Toro wines is transformed, and modernized, by a bull horn.

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    Telmo Rodríguez

    Rioja, Valdeorras, Toro, Spain

    Telmo Rodriguez is one of Spain’s pioneer winemakers, advocating native grape varietals tied to the climates and conditions of their sites, and making world-class wines from undiscovered as well as known regions. While Telmo makes rare and limited wines of astonishing character and quality, his everyday wines have been equally praised, and widely recognized for the tremendous value they offer.