Guigal Garnishes Cover Story Honors

Wine Spectator Senior editor and resident Rhône-reviewer Kristen Bieler complied an impressive, and comprehensive article on the Guigal family and their tenure in the Rhône Valley, France.  In the feature story “The Enduring Greatness of Guigal”, she covers the spectrum of the families’ accomplishments, from the highly-coveted & collected single-vineyard blockbusters, “the La La’s”, to their humble beginnings with patriarch Etienne working the apricot harvest. Bieler is careful to acknowledge Etienne’s forethought and faith in the Rhône valley as a wine region, when other vineyards were abandoned.  She is mindful to convey the near-future efforts of the estate, with a presentation of the new LaLa, ‘La Reynarde’, and how it already reveals extraordinary concentration and depth.  The interview details Marcel’s and Phillippe’s inter-generational relationship and their combined tenacity to move the region forward.



Guigal Cover and Article_Wine Spectator_March 31 2024 Issue