Wines for Connoisseurs

Ponzi Vineyards, Van Volxem, and Gary Farrell Winery are all featured on Food & Wine Club and in the American Express ‘Connoisseur Club’ Newsletter from editor Anthony Giglio. 

The round-up, titled “Wines for Hearty Holiday Meals Part 1” suggests Ponzi Vineyards Laurelwood Pinot Noir 2021 and Gary Farrell Russian River Pinot Noir 2021 for chill-able reds, noting “they’re perfect companions for heartier fare, adding a touch of vibrancy without overwhelming the palate.” The article also suggests Van Volxem Tonschiefer Riesling Kabinett 2021 and Van Volxem “VV” Riesling 2021 for high-acid white wines, noting “their vibrant acidity creates a mouthwatering contrast to the savory and succulent flavors of holiday classics.”

Ponzi + Van Volxem + Gary Farrell_Food & Wine Club_12.1.23