Bursting with Pride: Bollinger in Forbes

The article, titled “$1,000 Bottle Of Champagne Demonstrates Bollinger As A Pinot Noir Fine Wine Specialist” features Champagne Bollinger’s 2012 La Côte aux Enfants, 2016 ‘La Côte aux Enfants’ Côteaux Champenois Rouge, PN VZ16, PN TX17, and Special Cuvée, highlighting the wine production and fermentation process. The story notes that Bollinger’s Champagne “is more than just a Champagne, {{it is}} a fine wine that is distinctive with a strong sense of place.” Additionally, Cathrine includes quotes from her conversations with Charles-Armand de Belenet, and mentions the renovation of the Bollinger house, noting “Bollinger wants to get fine wine lovers more involved in learning about their vineyards and everything they do.”

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