Wine Industry Advisor: Ornellaia’s 2022 Harvest

Wine Industry Advisor got the inside scoop on the 2022 harvest in Bolgheri from Ornellaia Estate Director Axel Heinz, who describes it as a real nail biter. Heinz says ““This vintage was always on the edge, with disaster always on the horizon, but various weather events balanced out the negative effects, enabling the winemakers to find a nuanced expression of the finest quality through mental nimbleness and resilience.”

The harvest started early on August 9th with Sauvignon Blanc, but was immediately interrupted by expected summer storms that further disrupted the distinguished conditions thus far. The abundant rainfall instigated a turning point, eliminating the water stress and reactivating the ripening process. Finally, a cool and sunny September brought near-perfect conditions to ripen the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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