Champagne Ayala featured in “Exploring 4 of the Most Popular French Wine Regions”

VINTUS_Beverage Dynamics_4.7.22

Beverage Dynamics, a publication for wine retailers, highlighted 4 of France’s most popular wine regions in a recent post by Kyle Swartz. Champagne was featured for a few key reasons. One is that retailers are noticing that Champagne is being consumed in times other than celebratory ones.  Also, rather than just a solo sipper, Champagne is being used as a versatile food pairing.  The article speaks to Champagnes long and storied history, as well as its current efforts to combat climate change, and a recent tendency for consumers to seek out Grower Champagne over some “bigger” houses.  Champagne Ayala Rosé Majeur NV is named as one to try, noting that it is “Made mostly with chardonnay, the low dosage keeps it elegant, generous and full of finesse.”