Specially Curated Wines and Champagnes that Will Impress Guests Attending Your Holiday Celebration

Medium recommended a selection of Champagne Bollinger, Château Minuty, Attems and Champagne Ayala wines to a roundup of great bottles to serve and gift throughout the holiday season.

Letting readers know that Bollinger is “internationally known as The Champagne of James Bond, this extraordinary champagne is a great one for celebratory toasts including ringing in the New Year.” The writer shares background on the Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition packaging, before also recommending that readers add “Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée NV, Champagne Bollinger Brut Rosé NV, and certainly the Champagne Bollinger R.D. 2007 to your wine collection” this season.

Proving that rosé isn’t limited to summer, the writer highly recommends Château Minuty 281 Rosé 2020 as a great option to enjoy with holiday seafood spreads, adding “this cuvée pairs well with baked John Dory fish with fennel, scallop risotto, and grilled prawns.” The story also adds details about the family-owned estate and shares additional pairing ideas to complement M de Minuty, Minuty Prestige and Château Minuty Rose et Or.

After providing interesting background on Attems’ rich history dating back to 1106, the writer adds that the winery has several “intriguing selections,” including the “2019 Cicinis Collio from a Sauvignon Blanc vineyard in Collio, 2018 Trebes Ribolla Gialla from the vineyards of Friuli region, and the 2016 Cleve Cabernet which has hints of mulberry and plum.”

Providing context as to Champagne Ayala’s beginnings and history pioneering the “dry Champagne style,” the story then highlights one of the estate’s flagship wines – Le Blanc de Blancs 2014. Explaining that this wine is produced in small quantities and only in exceptional years, it is recommended to enjoy and pair “with lemony sea bream ceviche, braised veal, and prawn risotto.” Continuing, the suggestion is to “add Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur NV which is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pino Meunier. The Champagne Ayala Rosé Majeur is ideally served with salmon fillet and pink lamb chops.” Read the full story HERE