Celebrate New Year’s Eve With The Best Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Forbes contributor Katie Kelly Bell included Mosnel Parose Franciacorta 2015, Juvé & Camps Gran Juvé Gran Reserva 2015 and Champagne Bollinger Rosé NV in a round up of the best champagnes and sparkling wines to ring in the New Year with.

Mosnel Parose Franciacorta is boasts a fresh palate with “strawberry, orange zest and creamy, yeasty notes.” Continuing, the writer explains “the wine spent 30 months on the lees to develop complexity and depth. A brilliant expression from one of Italy’s best sparkling wine regions.”

Juvé & Camps Gran Juvé is described as a “sumptuous vintage cava.” The writer adds, “it sits at just 5g/l of dosage, is only produced in exceptional vintages, and aged in the bottle for 42 months. The palate is rich, with a creamy mousse texture and harmonious notes of peach and pear. It’s a it a wonderfully complex wine for celebrating.”

And, of course, for those that must have Champagne – look no further than the classically-styled Bollinger Rosé NV. This beautiful blend boasts of aromas of “fresh-picked wild strawberries, orange peel, and nectarine.” Adding, “the rich creamy mousse-like is satisfying on the palate. Over 85% of the wine comes from Grand and Premier Cru vineyards.”

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