Barolo Rocche Dell'Annunziata 2016

La Morra


Working with just over three acres of vines in this famed vineyard, Rocche Dell’Annunziata is not just home for Trediberri, but also its heart. To hear winemaker Nicola Oberto speak passionately of this vineyard is to hear him discuss a lifelong love affair. He was literally born in front of the vineyard, with memories of kicking a soccer ball around the muddy vines at four years old. Like any wine of this stature, this Barolo will age for decades, but unlike many of its peers, it delivers immediate pleasure too.


The vines in the Oberto family plot date back to just after the second world war and are grown in two distinct types of marl: silty laminated marl and sandy marl. The silt retains water and allows the vines to thrive, while the sand remains largely dry, developing intense perfume.


Aside from an extra week of maceration, the Rocche is treated exactly the same as the Barolo DOCG and is a picture perfect lense into this amazing terroir.


What can be said about this legendary vintage that hasn’t already been written? Mother nature provided the perfect stage for her growers in Piedomnt, and their efforts were nearly universally outstanding. The wines are showing beautifully right out of the gate, and with surely develop for years to come.

Tasting Note

At touch more savory than the classic Barolo, this wine is all about perfume, elegance and graceful power.

Food Pairing

You will want a dish to match the power and intensity of this wine – braised meat, aged cheese and game are a few great options.



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