Darius II Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Napa Valley


Each year, after fermentation of the signature vineyards, winemaker Hope Goldie selects the best barrels of the vintage to be blended into the Crown Jewel of the Darioush estate. Bottling after bottling, the wine captures its vintage’s complexity, composure and refinement in an irresistible manner that is both expressive in its youth, yet undoubtedly reveals further detail and elegance for the patient over the following decade or two. Paying homage to the exceptional quality that distinguished each vintage from the last, each vintage label bears a unique and rich example of historical Persian art.


With dozens of beautiful vineyard and barrel lots to choose from, the challenge was deciding which to exclude from the final blend. Ultimately, a small contribution of Sage Vineyard Cabernet Franc was selected to complement the gorgeous expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from our winery estate’s Apadana Block.


After hand harvest and sorting, fermentation begins with a 4 day cold soak with gentle pump-overs for optimal color and tannin extraction. Fermentation is followed by 22 months of aging in 80% new French oak barrels, racked twice per day for clarity.


Fortitude and resilience best describe the 2018 vintage of Darius II. Following the devastating 2017 wildfires, Darioush decided to forgo bottling our estate’s crown jewel for the first time ever. Perhaps it is Mother Nature’s need for redemption that the 2018 growing season was idyllic, a textbook season, for producing exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. Abundant winter rains naturally invigorated the vines, and budbreak occurred during pristine spring weather, resulting in a generous and beautifully even crop from the start. Mild temperatures and a lack of climactic drama well into autumn enabled the slow, complete, and even maturities necessary to cultivate wines with great composure, grace, and complexity.

Tasting Note

Demonstrating extraordinary composure, energy, and depth, 2018 Darius II is teeming with dense, vibrant flavors of cassis, black fruits, minerals, and a savory sage and wild thyme component. The captivating aromatics consist of crushed blueberries, bay leaf, medium-roast coffee, and candied violets. Expressive in its youth, with refined, succulent tannins, 2018 Darius II will undoubtedly reveal further detail and elegance for the patient collector over a decade or two.



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Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa Valley

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