Roseblood d’Estoublon in Wine Spectator Magazine

Writer Kristen Bieler beautifully captured the “ambitious” story of Roseblood d’Estoublon in the June issue of Wine Spectator magazine.  Co-Owners Carla Bruni, Jean-Guillaume Prats and former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy recount the property that “captured their imagination and inspired them to create the flagship rosé brand, Roseblood.”  The full story is rich with anecdotes and information. Writer Kristen Bieler goes on record saying that Roseblood is not another celebrity wine, matter-of-factly stating: “The sheer scale of their investment in the property as well as additional vineyard acquisitions shows a commitment to quality that is undeniably genuine.”

President Sarkozy says of his three partners, “Jean-Guillaume knows everything about wine, Stéphane is the best businessman in the world, Carla is a specialist in elegance and good taste.” He downplays his own role at Estoublon in a joking fashion.  President Sarkozy admits, “We know we are late to the rosé game, but we dare. If you wait to for others to tell you it’s possible, nothing happens.” “We want our brand to be strong in France, but America is the dream. America is the country of the human story, of the guy who goes on to create something big. We want to create this dream, and the U.S. is the country for that.”

Kristen explains that Estoublon’s wines are all crafted from estate fruit, which she says is “an impressive point of difference.”  “We own more vineyards than Chateau Miraval, Whispering Angel and Minuty,” said Jean-Guillaume Prats. Continuing, “Wine drinkers are looking for authenticity and truth. When you buy Estoublon, you are buying an identity.”

Kristen explains some wines succeed on savvy marketing, others on terroir-driven provenance and quality, telling the story of a place. Roseblood aims to triumph on both fronts.

Carla Bruni attends every blending session, she says, “The craft of assembling the final wine blend is not dissimilar to creating music, she believes: It’s the application of inspiration.” Carla offers a few great quotes that speak to her own wine journey, one of my favorites is: “I’ve been so reliant on my ear for music, so focusing on my sense of smell has been a novelty and beautiful discovery.”

Beyond the wine, the piece highlights Estoublon’s incredible hospitality offerings as well as the luxury credentials for its award-winning olive oil production!