In the House: How to Pick Your Wines-in-Residence

Wine & Whiskey Globe writer David Zivan wrote a great story on E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge, highlighting it as a go-to household wine that is “carefully crafted” and “checks all the boxes, year after year.” We agree and always have a healthy supply to open at a moment’s notice

Zivan has a personal connection to the winery after visiting the estate a few years ago and spending time with Philippe Guigal and winemaker Jacques Desvernois. He spoke with them about two main factors that drive the wine’s “astonishing consistency.” The predominance of Syrah in the blend lends “more heft” and “responds well to age.” Additionally, the Guigals “self-requires 18 months in barrel before releasing it,” which is not something that is necessary but something they choose to do and, in fact, usually keep it in barrel much longer! It is all about

The piece continues to explain additional quality measures that the Guigal family takes to produce this powerhouse wine. Desvernois told Zivan, “We could go to a big cooperative and select a big tank and bottle very simple wine. But no, no, no. We buy only small quantities from different producers, and that’s why we have small tanks. We need to have color concentration and ripeness and maturation. The consistency is always what Phillipe wants to have.”

He adds more anecdotes before ending by saying, “there are other similar blends at similar price points, but none has unseated the Guigal at my table. I’m going to go ahead and say it: It tastes like home.” Read the full story HERE