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My Favorite Sparkling Wines: French Bubbles

December 2, 2020

Lifestyle blog Wander with Wonder wrote a piece dedicated to French sparkling wine, and sited Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée as an all-time favorite. The piece delves into why not all sparkling wine is considered Champagne and elaborates on the wine growing region and winemaking requirements.

The writer continues by sharing details about one of her favorite Houses, Champagne Bollinger. She offers historical context and explains that Bollinger “has a reputation for creating complex wines.” As for Special Cuvée, she offers details on the grape varietal breakdown, time spent aging on the lees and low dosage. She adds, “I enjoyed my bottle of Champagne Bollinger. It has fine bubbles and I get the lovely complex flavors of the blend of the three varietals. It has hints of fresh-baked bread, ripe peaches, and a hint of toasted nuts.” Read the full story HERE

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    Champagne Bollinger

    Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée NV

    Champagne, France

    From vineyard to bottling, Special Cuvée sees such an extraordinary level of care and attention, it is difficult to place within the non-vintage or, really, any Champagne category. It is a Champagne that stands apart. Within one bottle, all the complexity of flavour, texture and pleasure that Champagne can offer. Special Cuvée is truly a journey of devotion from Bollinger.

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    Champagne Bollinger

    Champagne, France

    Bollinger is one of the rare Grande Marques that’s still family owned. Known for its rich, elegant and polished style of Champagne, their outstanding wines are the result of rigorous attention to detail and incredibly labor-intensive practices that few houses are willing to undertake. Underscoring its excellence, Bollinger has remained British secret agent James Bond's Champagne of choice since 1973.