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New Alchemy Distilling White Devil Whiskey Tech Sheet

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September 17, 2020


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    New Alchemy Distilling

    New Alchemy Distilling White Devil Whiskey

    White Devil Whiskey is carefully distilled from rye, but unlike most whiskies, this distillate only briefly touches a barrel. Unburdened by the dominating flavor of oak, this elegant white whiskey allows the characters of grain and yeast to shine through with the bright, spicy notes of rye and a gentle pear essence. White Devil is lovely in a Boulevardier, or enjoyed simply neat with a twist, but also serves well as a tequila blanco substitute in lighter cocktails. This one-of-a-kind whiskey was recognized at the 2018 Craft Distillers Spirits Competition with a silver medal.  

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    New Alchemy Distilling

    El Dorado, California

    New Alchemy Distilling is passionate about bringing new perspectives to classic spirits. Owned and operated by distillers Matt Sweeny and Jason Somerby, both medical doctors by training, the idea for New Alchemy was conceived in the research laboratory where the two founders first met. Matt and Jason combine both artistic and highly technical skill sets to develop new approaches to traditional spirits.