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Trediberri Dogliani Dolcetto “Bricco Mollea” 2019 Tech Sheet

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September 9, 2020


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    Trediberri Dogliani Dolcetto “Bricco Mollea” 2019


    Trediberri’s first vintage of Dolcetto was in 2019, and was received with much enthusiasm. Starting with a grand cru, single vineyard site in the grape's spiritual home of Dogliani, the fruit is then fermented in concrete to preserve freshness and purity the terroir. The final wine bursts with the kind of acidity that shines at the dinner table.

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    Trediberri prides themselves on their upstart status. No ancestral coat of arms adorn the walls of their winery, no rampant horses or fluttering angels guard the vineyards. They are a young, artisanal family operation — in fact, they view their lack of history as a feature, not a flaw — with a keen focus on the present, using their wines as a medium for the unique terroir of Berri.