Attems: A Pinot Grigio with Curves

A Different Kind of Pinot Grigio


Attems Pinot Grigio defies stereotypes by offering a surprising weight and body that wine connoisseurs can take more seriously than the variety is often considered. The climate of Friuli and the Collio in particular is perfectly suited to creating white wines with those characteristics: the effect of the sunlight from the nearby Adriatic Sea gives the Collio a particularly intense and unique luminosity, which, coupled with the region’s warm, temperate weather, helps create riper grapes that provide more fruit and body. The area also boasts a unique terroir that helps to balance the fruitiness and supple body of the wines: the Attems vineyards are made up of ponca soil, rich in sandstone, that gives the Pinot Grigio an acid lift and crisp minerality that perfectly complements the elevated body and alcohol of the wine. The particular balance of body and acidity make for a wine that is versatile and more food friendly at the table, while at the same time offering an amazing drinkability that makes it a pleasure to enjoy on its own.


The 2018 Vintage



After a winter with fluctuating temperatures and heavy rain, the last few days in March  saw a rise in temperature, which led to the warmest April in the last ten years. This brought on vigorous budding phase for all varieties, both in the higher elevation vineyards and those in the flood plains. There was 20-30% less rain than over the past fifty years, but despite that, water reserves were regularly replenished throughout April and May, guaranteeing regular growth to the plants that flowered as early as ten days earlier than usual. Rains in June were followed by a dry and very warm July, which led to an early veraison phase, which took place during the first ten days of month, about two weeks earlier than usual. The refracted light from the Adriatic Sea and the significant diurnal temperature variations brought on by the sea breeze decisively influenced the development of the grapes’ aromatic elements and ripening, leading to one of the earliest grape harvests in history, which took place from the middle of August to the end of September. The 2018 vintage has superb weight and viscosity, and the wine is mineral-edged, savory, tangy, and lively.

91 Points: “A dense and fruity white”

James Suckling – “A dense and fruity white with cooked-apple and pear-drop character. Medium to full body. Fruity finish.”