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Wines Of The Week: Champagne Bollinger La Grande Année 2008

August 16, 2019

Forbes has featured Champagne Bollinger La Grande Année 2008 in wine columnist Brian Freedman’s latest Wine of the Week column. Brian offers an in-depth review of La Grande Année 2008, his white wine choice of the week. Already a fan of Bollinger, he notes that this wine particularly “conveys everything that makes the house so renowned and, at the same time, serves as a transporting lesson in the miraculous ways that top-vintage Champagne evolves over the years.”

The piece outlines the craftsmanship required to make this Pinot Noir dominant wine in great detail, and its “marvelous” flavor notes.  Brian adds that the wine’s “perfectly mature nose is dominated by butterscotch, leather, vanilla pastry crème, fresh-baked brioche, and coffee, with minor-key notes of baked apples and pears, honeysuckle, and brown butter. He continues, “That tidal wave of complexity is present on the palate, too, with broad flavors of yellow apple, hard pear, warm butter in a just-baked croissant, hazelnuts, espresso, and the merest suggestion of red berries.” Read more about this wine and his expanded tasting notes HERE

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    Champagne Bollinger

    Champagne Bollinger La Grande Année 2008

    Champagne, France

    La Grande Année: The Great Year. This Champagne is the embodiment of everything that makes Bollinger the producer that stands apart in Champagne. La Grande Année, or LGA, preserves the traditions of the past and symbolizes the word "hand-crafted" so strongly that an overused word suddenly becomes the only appropriate definition. 

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    Champagne Bollinger

    Champagne, France

    Bollinger is one of the rare Grande Marques that’s still family owned. Known for its rich, elegant and polished style of Champagne, their outstanding wines are the result of rigorous attention to detail and incredibly labor-intensive practices that few houses are willing to undertake. Underscoring its excellence, Bollinger has remained British secret agent James Bond's Champagne of choice since 1973.