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Ornellaia Toasts 30th Anniversary of Keith Haring’s Last Mural

Keith Haring’s last public mural, Tuttomondo (1980), recently celebrated it’s 30th anniversary on June 19th. The 180-meter mural painted on the exterior wall of the Church of San Antonio in Pisa, Italy serves as a contemporary treasure in an otherwise late Gothic and Renaissance city. To commemorate this anniversary and the areas connection with the artist, winery Castellani released a limited edition Haring label. Arts and culture journalist Karen Chernick details the fascinating relationships between Tuscan wineries, including Ornellaia vineyard, and the arts. “The idea of infusing wine with artwork is not a new one. Less than an hour’s drive south of Ceppaiano is the Ornellaia vineyard, whose Vendemmia d’Artista program commissions a contemporary artist each year to create work for the estate. It recently collaborated with photographic artist Shirin Neshat to produce a series of limited-edition wine labels that will be auctioned in September to benefit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Foundation.”

Read the full story and view the imagery HERE.

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