8 January 2018 News

Champagne Bollinger and Champagne Ayala were recently featured in an article titled “6 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE PERFECT FOR ANY NEW YEAR’S PARTY” in LA Confidential and Gotham magazine. The magazines praised the Ayala Rosé No. 8 Brut for its “crispy, bright flavors with notes of berries, blackcurrant, and pear.” As for Champagne Bollinger’s La Grand Année 2007, the magazines said that “Bollinger’s prestige cuvée certainly lives up to the hype.”

Here are the individual reviews:

12.27.17 Gotham_Ayala

12.27.17 Gotham_Bollinger

12.27.17 LA Confidential_Ayala

12.27.17 LAConfidential_Bollinger


You can find the full article in LA Confidential here and the full article in Gotham here.