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The present day Château Gazin is located on the site of a hospital built in the 18th century by the Knights of St. John.  The estate was the site of a town at that time, and the hospital was along the path built by the Knights to host pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella, hence the name of the estate's second wine, "l'Hospitalet de Gazin".  The vineyards, in addition, can be traced much further back, in documents back to the 12th  century.  
Gazin's superb vineyards (90% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc), the most extensive of Pomerol's best growths, cover a single, contiguous block stretching across 70 acres of which 60 are planted in vines.  These thrive in a clay and gravel soil which covers a subsoil of "crasse de fer", an iron-rich layer, and produce a wine appreciated for its finesse, elegance and equilibrium, harmoniously supported by a vigorous structure which lends the wine superior longevity.  Viticulture and vinification are carried out traditionally; no chemical herbicides are used, grapes are harvested by hand, fermentation is in lined concrete vats, followed by ageing in barriques.
In 1986 l’Hospitalet de Gazin was created as the second wine to Château Gazin, and is distributed worldwide exclusively by Jean-Pierre Moueix; Christian Moueix selected VINTUS as the exclusive US importer of this wine, a deep, delicious wine known for its fantastic value, and which has gained prominence as Château Gazin has been producing some of the finest wines on the right bank over the last few years.
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